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Auto Insurance will pay for your treatment
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Many people who have been in auto accidents do not get the care they need because they might not have health insurance, or they might not have the funds available to pay for their treatment up front.

What a lot of people do not know is this:

Auto Insurance, in most cases, will pay for your treatment!

And you do NOT have to wait for professional, competent care - you can get it immediately, with no co-pay, no out-of-pocket expense.

We have extensive experience dealing with car accident injuries, and can evaluate your situation in a FREE verbal consultation (free consultation does not include treatment), and discuss with you a treatment plan appropriate to your circumstances, while getting the maximum benefit.

We accept MedPay/PIP, and third party benefits, as well as an LOP (Letter of Protection) from a lawyer's office.

The best thing you can do is to call and explore the options to get qualified care and treatment NOW, rather than lay around and hope that your pain and symptoms will go away.

The sooner you seek help after the accident, the better results and the better likelihood of long-term pain relief.

Insurance Companies we have worked with include:  State Farm, Farm Bureau, Farmer's Insurance, GEICO, USAA, SafeCo, The Hartford, Wolverine, Liberty Mutual, 20th Century, AAA, Chubb Group and many others.

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